Smithfield Middle School

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About Us

IWCS Mission and Vision:

Mission Statement: To enhance and expand on each child’s unique gifts and talents to ensure every child is college, career and life ready.

Vision Statement: To create a learning environment that will enable every child to discover his or her unique gifts and talents.

SMS Mission

The mission of Smithfield Middle School is to collaboratively maintain a climate which values high academic standards and nurtures the potential of each individual.  


Belief Statements

 The school team at Smithfield Middle believes that:

  • promotion of each student should be based on a high standard of achievement
  • shared responsibility through school, home and community is essential for the total development of each student's potential
  • the school should provide for the diverse needs by challenging each student to exhibit his/her best efforts
  • opportunities be provided for assisting students in selecting and developing moral and ethical values as guides for responsible behavior
  • a school climate should foster a feeling of acceptance of each individual, a feeling of pride and a sense of safety and security
  • a diverse curriculum of both academic and exploratory experiences is needed to stimulate and nurture intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical development
  • the integration of technology into the curriculum as well as varied forms of teaching strategies should be a fundamental component of the learning process
  • opportunities and resources should be provided to encourage reading and lifelong learning
  • the management of Smithfield Middle School be a collaborative effort among administrators, teachers and staff
  • learning experiences should help to develop a full range of effective communication skills through oral and written expression
  • continued assessment of student needs is essential in a complex and changing society